What Makes Kona Coffee So Unique?

A true lover of Kona coffee wouldn’t know where to begin with this topic. Kona coffee is known for its rich flavor, beautiful color, and an aroma that could make a non coffee drinker want a cup. But still… why is it different?

A Perfect Environment

A Kona coffee bean’s life is always off to a good start, as it is grown in the Kona region of Hawaii, in a perfect coffee tree environment. Just as grapes in the perfect environment produce great wine, so goes the coffee bean. 

Along the Mauna Loa and Hualalai mountain slopes, under perfect cloud coverage and cool temperatures, its roots dig into rich, well drained volcanic soil. Through the Kona region’s dry winter, the Kona coffee bean thrives, giving coffee farmers a harvest of the perfect coffee bean in the fall… and in turn, giving coffee lovers the perfect cup of coffee. 

A Unique Taste

100% pure Kona coffee has a unique, rich taste, and most coffee connoisseurs truly enjoy it. A common theme among the descriptions are words such as, chocolaty, bright, clean, and an almost syrupy quality to the body. Are you craving a cup of Kona coffee yet?

There are differences, however, so be discerning as you venture out to try Kona coffee for the first time. Some prefer a blend with only 10% being true Kona beans. Serious fans insist on 100%. You may want to try both for yourself and decide for yourself. 

Why is Kona Coffee So Popular? 

Well, from what we have discussed about its uniqueness, it is a bit obvious as to why some people will search high and low, and pay a sometimes higher price, to find that perfect Kona Coffee bean. 

It is rare indeed, growing in an area most people consider to be some of the most beautiful land in the world. Perhaps some people are drawn to that fact. When they hear the word “Kona” they are transported in their minds to beautiful Hawaii. Maybe sipping that warm cup of coffee sort of connects them to that beautiful place? 

Or maybe the fact that it isn’t all that easy to obtain 100% pure Kona coffee? We want what we can’t have? 

Coffee aficionados would have to say no to all of the above. Sure – Kona coffee does come from the perfect environment and from one of the most beautiful areas of the world, and we kind of like that part about it. But the truth is… Kona coffee is purely excellent coffee. Some say it is the best. 

Coffee is no longer a heaping tablespoon of instant powder in a mug with boiling water poured on top (yes… that used to happen). Coffee is our pastime – an art. We want to savor every drop. We enjoy it in the morning, as a late day energy boost, while we socialize, and as an after dinner drink. Coffee is a part of numerous cultures, and Kona coffee is highly respected throughout many of them.  Learn more about 100% Kona Coffee.