What is 100% Pure Kona Coffee?

Kona coffee beans are grown on the mountain slopes of the Hawaiian region of Kona. If the picture of beautiful Hawaiian mountains covered in trees that produce coffee beans, weren’t romantic enough, the roots of these coffee trees rest firmly in rich volcanic soil, while the trees are perfectly covered by clouds and the ideal Hawaiian temperatures. The beans are harvested by hand in the fall, and each one is carefully checked for perfection. Kona coffee is rare indeed.

As it turns out, this Hawaiian environment is what coffee beans dream about… and coffee lovers seek to have. But beware – not all coffees claiming to be Kona coffee truly are. If you have had 100% pure Kona Coffee, you will taste the difference when someone tries to fool you. If you are a coffee fan, tired of just hearing about the infamous Kona coffee, and ready to try it, don’t be fooled by imitations.

How to Be Sure It is Truly Kona Coffee

Since Kona coffee is grown in the region of Kona, Hawaii, 100% pure Kona coffee or coffee beans will say so. Your coffee packaging should give you a lot of information, as to where it was grown, what the grade is, and what percentage of actual Kona coffee is in the coffee you are purchasing. Look for Kona coffee that is 100% Kona beans, grown in the Kona region, and blended with nothing else.

Hawaiian coffee is graded, using a number scale from 1 – 8. An eight being the lowest, would represent a coffee blend, meaning you aren’t getting only Kona coffee in that blend. On the other hand, if you stumble upon 100% Kona coffee, with a grade of number one (meaning extra fancy), you have landed an excellent package of Kona coffee. 

What Exactly is a Kona Coffee Blend?

A blend is just that… a blend of two or more types of coffees together. There is nothing wrong with blending, unless you are searching for 100% Kona coffee. Kona coffee is a prized coffee amongst coffee connoisseurs. The flavor is unique, bold, and clean. So if you were a company blending Kona coffee with another coffee, wouldn’t you want to make the Kona part stand out? That is where it gets tricky when trying to find the purest form of Kona coffee possible. A blend my state 100% pure Kona coffee on its package, simply because it usually includes about 10% of actual Kona coffee. 

Enjoy Your Kona Coffee

However you prefer it, Kona Café Coffee wants you to enjoy your Kona coffee. There is a sense of community amongst coffee drinkers. Every day all around the world, coffee is enjoyed by almost every culture, making it a global refreshment. There aren’t a lot of things in this world that can do that. Kona coffee makes the thought even more lovely, after understanding the beauty of its growth, and the difficulty in its harvesting, which is required to bring the Kona coffee bean into our lives. Find the best 100% Kona Coffee Beans.