Tracking Down 100% Pure Kona Coffee

You’ve been tempted as you read about this wonderful Kona coffee bean, grown only along the slopes of beautiful Hawaiian mountains. Then you hop online or go to the store, and you have a hard time finding any…especially true, 100% unadulterated Kona coffee beans. There is a price for being rare. Rare can mean more expensive and difficult to come by. 

You Wouldn’t Want It to Be Too Easy

We love Kona coffee because of its unique, rich flavor. That flavor is due to where and how the Kona coffee bean grows. Being grown in only one region, means 100% pure Kona coffee makes up for about only 1% of the world’s coffee industry. When you think about it, it shouldn’t be extremely easy to get. If it is, you may not be getting the 100% pure version. 

Imagine picking the Kona coffee beans. They literally grown on mountain slopes. Mechanical harvesting is not even an option. Each Kona coffee bean is picked by hand, AND inspected, so you can have the perfect Kona coffee bean. There is only one perfect season for harvesting, and that is the fall…just in time for hurricanes also. So yes, that special cup of coffee takes a whole lot of work to get to you, and sometimes the season is interrupted. To get that perfect, 100% pure Kona flavor, requires no short cuts.

Say No to Kona Coffee Blends

There is nothing wrong with drinking a Kona coffee blend. However, if you are in search of 100% pure Kona coffee, a blend should be avoided. Blends are often only about 10% true Kona coffee, making it of course, not truly a Kona coffee. Be careful of brands claiming to be pure Kona coffee with only 10% of the blend coming from Kona, but the price tag saying otherwise. 

What to Look For

As you patiently search, hoping to try Kona coffee for the first time, or relive a magical coffee moment you had in your past (perhaps in Hawaii), keep an eye on the grade of the Kona coffee. Coffee is graded in Hawaii using 8 different grades, number one being “extra fancy” which is the highest grade. An eight would be the lowest, meaning a blend. 

The package you are considering should say specifically where the beans were harvested. If it does not mention the Kona region mountains, it may unfortunately be a company trying to convince others they are truly a Kona coffee. Remember, a blend can say it is from Kona, because it partially is. 

Be Patient

As with most things in life, we sometimes have to wait for the good stuff. Keep searching, and you will find your 100% Kona coffee to enjoy at home. Some sites even offer subscriptions for the hard core Kona coffee connoisseur. If you have to wait a bit, it will be worth it. 

In the meantime, enjoy a warm cup of java with your coffee community, put your feet up, and prepare for your future cup of 100% pure Kona coffee.