Health Benefits of Coffee

You read that correctly! Your favorite warm, comforting beverage actually has some great health benefits. We aren’t suggesting you ditch your daily intake of water, and replace it with coffee, or no longer eat your veggies. However, we do suggest you feel free to bask in this glorious news as that morning cup of java hits your lips and reminds you it is time to take on the day. 


By now, we all know…antioxidants are good, and something we should strive to have in our diets. Coffee beans contain an important antioxidant called polyphenols. Antioxidants help to rid our bodies of free radicals, which can cause inflammation and lead to disease. Continue to eat your fruits and veggies and thank your morning coffee!

Your Heart

Yes, your heart is in love with coffee, and now it has even more reason to be. A study in 2012 showed an 11% decrease in the risk of heart failure for those who were moderate coffee drinkers, as compared to those who did not drink coffee. When it comes to your heart, there are many areas that need attention to keep it healthy and strong. It is great to know you may not have to add coffee to your “don’t” list. 

Your Liver

According to an Italian study (and Italians know their coffee), our livers really like coffee. Drinking three cups per day may reduce your risk of liver cancer by as much as 50%. That’s pretty huge. Other studies say coffee may help in reducing other liver diseases such as, cirrhosis, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. 


Many studies have shown that caffeine may help in controlling and protecting against Parkinson’s disease – a disease which affects the nervous system. Consuming over four cups of coffee per day showed great results in those with Parkinson’s being able to have better control of their movements. 


About one out of every ten Americans has type 2 diabetes, according to the CDC. With numbers like that, it is comforting to hear about coffee possibly reducing the risk. In 2014, a study which followed 48,000 people, found that if they increased their regular coffee intake by just one cup per day, they lowered their diabetes 2 risk by 11%.  Our diets and exercise are extremely important in preventing and managing diabetes. Coffee, if only able to help a little, is a great thing. 

As with all health news and studies, your doctor knows best. If you are not a coffee drinker or intend to increase your coffee intake, consult with your physician before doing so. Although studies do show there are health benefits to coffee, our entire lifestyle must always be taken into account when it comes to our health.

For now, though, enjoy these positive statistics about our faithful friend, coffee. Hot, cold, cream, or sugar…coffee awakens us, comforts, and brings friends together all over the world. We shouldn’t be surprised that such a wonderful drink, would also have health benefits.

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